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After an introduction a company, we seek to build trust and gain an understanding of the business operations. We become familiar with the organization by meeting with the business owner and other key people, reviewing financial reports and examining all policies and procedures. If both parties mutually agree to move forward, then we begin to collaborate with company leadership. Together we establish goals for growth and improvement.

Next, we get to work within the company. In order to achieve the highest possible valuation, we implement strategies that will add value to the business. The business owner can choose whether to participate in this process or to transition into retirement.

Here are a number of strategies we employ to achieve value creation:
  • Establish and improve fundamental key performance measures

  • Develop an annual operating plan

  • Streamline operations to be scalable and resilient

  • Improve employee training

  • Rigorously analyze customer and product profitability

  • Deploy technology to increase efficiency

  • Design and implement targeted and efficient marketing and customer acquisition

  • Implement incentive structures that drive equity value creation


Our goal is to position each company to achieve its highest possible valuation upon the owner’s exit.


Not every business is a good fit for Ark Exit.  We focus on companies we understand and where we can add value.

We strive to be transparent to a fault and look for the same in the business owners with whom we work. We are passionate about building businesses and are committed to doing it the right way.

Target Industries include but are not limited to:
Grupo 89.png

Machine shops & metal works.

Grupo 90.png

Transportation & logistics.

Grupo 91.png

Business consulting.

Grupo 92.png

Health & fitness.

Grupo 100.png

Educational services.

Grupo 93.png

Financial services.

Grupo 94.png

Companies providing licensing & certifications.

Ideal business characteristics include:
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The company started at least 7 years ago.

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History of multi-year positive cash flow

Grupo 97.png

Accurate and up-to-date accounting and financial reports

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Target Size

  • Valuation < $5,000,000

  • Annual gross revenues between $150,000 and $2,000,000

  • Between 2 and 40 employees (sole proprietor financial services firms will be considered)

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Business owner who is:

  • Looking for someone else to take a leadership role

  • Highly motivated to sell the company and retire

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